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About Us

The Making of a Sales Superstar

Nearly every salesperson in America starts with the same resources – 8+ hours a day, a computer, a desk phone, a cell phone or Blackberry®, a car, a product line, a territory, and a compensation plan.

A small number of salespeople – let’s call them the Sales Superstars – start with those resources and singlehandedly build a sales momentum that makes them lots of money, wins them awards, and provides a career path.

MaxSales.com is dedicated to understanding why those Sales Superstars are different from all the others and to helping Sales Managers grow good salespeople into Sales Superstars.

The MaxSales High Performance System was developed by Mark Brown, Owner and Sales Manager of a company with approximately 20 sales people. After years of working with a variety of Contact Relationship Management (CRM) packages, Mark felt that none of them properly addressed maximizing his Sales Team’s potential. Rather, his team was using them as glorified address books and they continued to achieve sales levels lower than their abilities.

The MaxSales High Performance System was originally created as a paper version (available for you to try at no charge). The paper version produced outstanding results. Mark’s Sales Team began working with as many as 40% more contacts. Sales increased dramatically. Customer satisfaction improved because assigned call/visit frequencies for each contact made certain that no person and no call was forgotten.

MaxSales.com is the result of almost two years of development. We believe that MaxSales.com provides the best Sales Solution of any of the CRM products currently available. While other companies attempt to offer a complete, and often complicated, solution that includes Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Adwords, etc., we have chosen to focus on one thing: SALES. Our MaxSales users were up and running quickly and with better than expected results.

All of the conscientious people on your Sales Team will appreciate MaxSales.com. Some will improve their sales performance very quickly. Some will use the MaxSales.com capability to race ahead toward their place as Sales Superstars. You, the Sales Manager or Business Owner, will be pleased with your new High Performance Sales Team.

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Home Product Overview How MaxSales Works Pricing About Us Contact Us Support & FAQ's Newsletter    Sign Up Login
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